We’ve made a comprehensive list of the top tips for moving your items, whether it's furniture, white goods or even a whole house move, these tips will surely have you moving with ease.

1. Book a reliable removal company
You’ll want a reliable & trustworthy transporter assisting you with your move, here at LoadX we provide you with the most reliable transporters at the most competitive prices on the market (get your price here). This top tip will help you be at peace knowing your goods are insured and your payment is secure.

2. Start packing the least used rooms first
You don’t want to pack the most used items so to get a start on your packing we recommend starting with your least used rooms to avoid packing any essentials which you may need.

3. Find free packing supplies
Sometimes retailers or even family and friends will have storage boxes or cardboard boxes they won’t need - this will help you save on the costs of your move.

4. Label your boxes
This may seem like a simple tip but sometimes it's the most simple thing we forget. Labelling your boxes by the room is a great way to keep everything in order. All you’ll need to do is unload the boxes into the room ready to be unpacked.

5. Pack using your suitcases
Save space by packing your suitcases, this is a great way to utilise the amount of space you use. Use suitcases to pack things that aren’t so easily transported in boxes, such as books and heavy serving dishes.